Fighting browser tabs to make critical decisions?

Improve your speed and accuracy by 50%

Data Integration for humans,
not servers

Decades of big data, dashboards, business intelligence, and single-pane-of-glass approaches have failed to remove the dependency of multiple applications and the tedious and error-prone workflow that goes with it. It's time to bring data integration out of the server room.

Your applications

Your applications...

Learning new applications takes precious time. We make the ones you already know better.

App Library
Understanding your needs...

Understanding your needs...

Your problems require you to understand many applications. We make your applications understand your problems.

Use Cases
better speed and accuracy

for 50% better speed and accuracy

Eliminate the tedious manual movement of data between applications to reduce decision time and improve accuracy.

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Fast, easy, and secure integration in the browser

Tensor Wrench creates a virtual data center within the browser itself. Think "big data" done small and focused exclusively on the applications and data that the user actively uses. This allows applications to securely share information with each other to understand the user's overall problem, not just their piece of it.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

A simple JavaScript API that works with any web development framework and modern browser for your custom applications.

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Secure Integration

Secure Integration

Robust attribute-based access control gives absolute control over where your data goes.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Deliver capability in a single development cycle.

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